TS9800 Jetting Into the Future


Ultra-fast and high precision dispensing results for wide range of adhesives.

The Techcon TS9800 series jet valve dispensing system includes a TS9800 Piezo actuated jet valve and TS980 controller. Every component of the valve was designed to the highest tolerances and manufactured to the strictest degree of precision insuring world class accuracy and repeatability in drop-to-drop dispensing volume for a wide range of adhesives including:

  • UV Cure Adhesive
  • Multiple Underfill Materials
  • Silicon Phosphor
  • Conformal Coating
  • Greases
  • Sealants
  • Ink


The most advanced Piezo Jet Valve available

The TS9800 series jet valve’s compact size and modular design aids integration into robotic systems. The valve also features fully adjustable parameter settings, allowing the operator to change the jetting properties for different fluid types and optimize the process for repeatable dispensing.

TS9800 smart controller features an intuitive touchscreen user interface for easy setup and operation. Dispensing parameters can be quickly dial-in on the touchscreen.

The best-in-class smart controllers come standard with an Internet port and WiFi connection to allow users to monitor, record data and make precise parameter adjustments from remote location. This feature enables the units to fit into the Smart factory that requires Industry 4.0. In addition, troubleshooting and training can be done remotely through internet connection.

Why Machine Integrators Use the TS9800 Series Jet Valve

20x faster dispensing speeds compared to a contact dispensing valve
2X faster dispensing speeds compared to a pneumatic jet valve
Frequency up to 1500Hz continuous and up to 2000Hz burst for high throughput
Non-contact jetting technology allows the valve to dispense fluid in hard-to-reach places
Reduces downtime and scrap by eliminating risk of needle crashing into the workpiece
Quick and easy part replacement without the need for time consuming process adjustments
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A complete, five step piezo jetting cycle consists of :

  • Rising Time - Total time for tappet to move to open position
  • Open Time - Total time the valve stays opened
  • Falling Time - Total time for the tappet to move to closed position
  • Needle Lift - Is the stroke length, based on the viscosity of the material
  • Delay Time - Time the valve stays closed, waiting for the next cycle

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Improving Dispensing Efficiency & Productivity with
the New Techon TS9800 Pizeo Jet Valve

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